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Our all-terrain forklifts

At Love 2 Haul, we know that time is money and  a crew sitting around waiting for materials is cutting into your profit. 

Materials we can deliver include; 

  • Lumber and Carpentry Materials (Boards, Wooden Doors and Windows, Timber Framing, Ornamental Work, etc.)

  • Telecommunication Equipment

  • Plumbing Materials

  • Metals (Structural Steel, Rebar, Trusses, etc.)

  • Masonry Materials (Bricks, Cement, Blocks, Tiles, etc.)

  • Any Palletized product or heavy load

No more hand unloading, with our garage accessible all terrain forklifts we can put you product where it is secure and convenient.


Do you have special jobsite delivery needs or questions about our service, schedule a video chat with Lindie.

Tile placed in garage with forklift

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