Dillon’s Story 

Dillon Working With His Dad On Forklift

Dillon Love started out in the transportation business at a young age. As far back as he remembers he was in a car seat riding around with his dad in his semi truck doing deliveries. He has always had a fondness for trucking, one of his  first words was even “big truck.” Dillon’s Grandparents and father were in business together. His Grandpa and Dad were one of the first in the Valley to run piggybacks on their trucks. Dillon grew up doing local deliveries with his dad and brother when there was no school.  It was also a must on Saturdays that they all go to the yard and work on equipment and make sure that everything was up to DOT regulations. Once Dillon got older he would move trucks in and out of the bays and move the forklifts in to be worked on. Dillon loves what he does. Nowadays he takes his own son  in his car seat with him to do deliveries just like his dad did with him. Dillon is proud of his business, family and his drivers.

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Dillon and his son